Rancho Alegre Review: Sunny Sauceda - Implacable

Implacable Explodes with Acrobatic Accordion and Vocal Fireworks

Sunny Sauceda was one of Rancho Alegre Radio’s very first interviews back in 2011. He and his über-talented band, Todo Eso, made time for us after a gig at Cuauhtemoc Hall in San Marcos, and we were taken by his charisma, knowledge, and openness. Among other things, we talked about his career, the benefit of being punctual, and winning the 2005 Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album for Polkas, Gritos y Acordeones, his collaboration with accordion legends David Lee Garza and Joel Guzman.

With roots in Conjunto, the San Antonio native began his Tejano career with Grupo Vida in the 1990s and has cultivated a frenetic accordion style that compliments his charismatic on-stage persona. After going solo, Sauceda has consistently released high-quality material that is at once innovative, but doesn’t stray too far from Tejano.

His newest release, Implacable, showcases his signature style on a couple of tracks, including the opener “Cielo Azul, Cielo Nublado,” with fellow Grupo Vida alum Eddie Gonzalez, and “Canciones Tristes” (hear the sample on the left). The challenging twists and turns of both of these selections really demonstrate the cohesiveness of Todo Eso as well, as anyone who has seem them live can attest. 

Sauceda’s hyper accordion takes a back seat on the classic-Tejano-inspired rancheras, the I-can-totally-hear-Ram-Herrera-singing-this “El Mejor Amante" (hear the sample on the left),  the super smooth “Si Aun Nos Queda Tiempo,” and a cover of “El Columpio,” allowing his big, full-bodied voice to drive the tunes. Cumbias “Como Me Haces Llorar,” “Fiel Tesoro,” and “Por Que Te Amo” round out the album nicely as well.

There are a couple of surprises on this album as well. “Ríe y Goza” is an urban-flavored cumbia with vocal effects and sampling (hear the sample on the left), and the final track, “Cuando Llegas Tu,” is a slow, pop-influenced ballad accentuated by some acoustic guitar and light percussion. 

As a whole, Implacable is quintessential Sunny: radiant, energetic, and magnetic, and never disappoints his fans. 

NOTE: Anyone in Austin will have a great chance to see Sunny y Todo Eso Austin’s F1 Fan Fest on Friday night, November 15th on the Univision Stage at 2nd and Colorado Streets in downtown Austin. The guys hit the stage at 8:30 p.m., followed by Stefani Montiel at 10:30 p.m. 

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