Rancho Alegre KOOP Interview - Ruben Garza y La Nueva Era Musical

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On Monday, June 1 on Rancho Alegre on KOOP, we broadcast a previously recorded special interview with conjunto legend Ruben Garza and his new group, Ruben Garza y La Nueva Era Musical.

By now, Conjunto fans all over the world know that Gilberto Garcia and his former Los Dos Gilbertos bandmates have parted ways.

On Saturday May 23, before the rains came, we headed down to Bosmans in San Antonio to meet up with Ruben, Dario and the guys. They shared their thoughts on the split as well as their vision for the future of the band.

We always have a great time interviewing, and this was no exception. Baldomero "El Parrandero" Cuellar did a great job, as usual.

This is the audio archive of the actual KOOP broadcast with host Piper LeMoine, but KOOP's license does not permit posting archives with recorded music.

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