Rancho Alegre Interview - Roberto Pulido

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As most of you know, Rancho Alegre hit the road in October 2011 to interview some of our favorite artists in San Antonio, Alice, Robstown, then Edinburg, McAllen and Mercedes. It was an unbelievable trip that we will always remember. Especially our visit with Roberto Pulido…

We show up to his ranch in Edinburg, and he waves us to the back of the property, to his shop, where he makes fishing lures and other things and is hanging out with some friends. He asks where we would like to do the interview, and suggests his game room because it’s real quiet and nice. We agree and follow him inside, expecting a pool table, dart board, HD television.

What’s there to greet us when the lights come on? Taxidermy as far as the eye can see. Stuffed wolves, bucks, does, alligators, buffalo, water buffalo, bears, a zebra hide, and to top it all off…a hippo skull. When he said game room, he meant GAME room.

As can be expected from any time spent with Primo, who is one of Tejano music’s most beloved icons and one of the coolest guys ever, is something to treasure. We knew this would be a very entertaining interview, but it also turned out to be a very touching one too, as Pulido talks about his father, his career and his family.

Track Listing: 
Copa Tras Copa
La Barca de Oro
Imposible Olvidarte
La Ronera
Te Vi Partir
Rancho Alegre (Polka)
Los Tres Amigos (w/Little Joe & Ruben Ramos)
Cartas Marcadas (w/Little Joe & Ruben Ramos)
Flor Triste (w/Los Aguilares)
Amor Derecho (w/Alma Pulido)
Contigo (w/Bobby Pulido)
Soy Culpable (w/Johnny Canales)
Ya Ahora Es Tarde (w/Emilio Navaira)
Mi Pequeñito
Si Quieres Verme Llorar
Sonia (Polka)
Flecha Envenenada
Señorita Cantinera
Si Borracho Estoy (Live)
La Tumba Sera El Final
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