Rancho Alegre Interview - Mario and Betty Barajas of Baraja de Oro


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Conjunto Baraja de Oro is one of the hottest bands going these days. Affectionately known as Conjunto BDO or simply BDO, North Texas husband and wife duo Mario and Betty Barajas are taking the conjunto world by storm, boasting multiple Tejano Music Award nominations, incredibly well-attended shows, high-quality songwriting and recordings, and a loyal army of fans.

Mario and Betty may seem like newcomers, but Mario has been working hard for over 20 years playing accordion and singing in various Tejano groups. For over a decade, he and Betty have, with their super-talented band members, steadily built the phenomenon that is Conjunto Baraja de Oro. We are extraordinarily excited to welcome them to the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival on Friday Feb. 1 for their Austin debut. We know the fans will be clamoring for more and they will return to the Live Music Capital in the near future.

We took an afternoon drive up to Midlothian, Texas, just north of the I-35 split (and the closest Braum’s Ice Cream to Austin!), and really enjoyed getting to know the pair. After talking with them, we came away with a great sense of how much of a labor of love this is for both of them, something we can definitely identify with.

They both have killer good looks, brains, talent, and extraordinary love for and from their fans. Add to that their marketing savvy, business acumen, drive to succeed, and undeniable passion for the music, and the result is nothing short of amazing. We hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we did.

Track Listing: 
Ayer y Hoy
Que Lastima
Prieta Casada
Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros
Star-Spangled Banner
Dos Ojas Sin Rumbo
Sembre Mi Amor
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