Rancho Alegre Interview - Julian L Fernandez of Los Texas Wranglers

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Julian Limon Fernandez of Los Texas Wranglers has worked really hard to keep Conjunto alive in Austin. Along with bandmates Sonny Trujillo (accordion), Amador Salazar (bass, vocals), Junior Sandoval (bajo sexto, vocals), Tim Torres (saxophone, vocals), Joyce Adams (vocals), and Rocio Valdez (vocals), Los Texas Wranglers play in all kinds of venues around Austin and also at Rodeos around the state and beyond. Tardeadas, benefits, festivals, you name it, the Wranglers are always there. And so are their dedicated and loyal fans.

A drummer and songwriter, Julian puts his heart and soul into his career as a musician and bandleader. Of the people we have interviewed, he might also be one of the biggest fans as well as a performer. He talks of great memories with a big grin on his face, showing how much he loves what he does.

Julian offered priceless insight, advice, and support as we planned the very first Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival in 2012, and continues to be one of our mentors as our organization grows. This kind of relationship is nothing new for him, as he is always offering his experience to help young artists develop as well.

We hope you enjoy this interview with one of the brightest members of the Austin music scene and has several Austin Music Awards to show for it. He has some pretty incredible stories and decades of history as a musician with some of the best in Tejano and Conjunto to share.

Track Listing: 
De Austin Al Valle
Mi Tinajita
Flecha Envenenada
Could Have Been a Country Singer
Lucerito, Lucerito
La Puerta Negra
Otros Cielos
Ando Por La Playa
Mi Mundo Se Acaba
Lo Tengo Que Olvidar
Mi Gloria
That's Crazy
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