Rancho Alegre Interview - Gilberto Perez

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Our trip to the valley was remarkable, no question. And it was the starting point for everything that has happened so far in 2012, especially our festival.

Our interview with Gilberto Perez was just as rich in conjunto history as we imagined it would be. But we didn’t expect him to have a conjunto museum behind his house…

Gilberto organized all of the photos he ever took with his friends and fellow musicians over the years and has them all framed and hanging on the walls. He has all of his accordions in a glass case. And everything has a label. There’s a lifesize stand up photo of him in front of all of his 45 records. The wooden bench on the porch has a wooden sign engraved with “made by Ruben Vela.”

Gilberto and his wife are very gracious people, and even though he may seem quiet and reserved, Gilberto has a dry sense of humor that kept making Piper laugh. We hope you enjoy our interview with a remarkable man and great musician. 

Track Listing: 
Madre Querida
Vida de Vago (with Ruben Vela & Ramon Medina)
La Noche Que Llore (with Ruben Vela & Ramon Medina)
Al Pie De Un Crucificio
El Burro Pardo
La Mesera
Cuando Estoy Contigo
El Quelite (with Ruben Naranjo)
Homenaje a Ruben Naranjo
Oye Amigo (with Little Joe)
Cuatro Copas (with Little Joe)
Long Tall Texan
Morena Morenita (with Los Dos Gilbertos)
Amigo Del Alma (with Mariachi Estrella)
La Rosa De Oro
Mis Parpados (Live)
Viva Seguin
Los Carnales
Con Cartitas
El Drogadicto
Mi Casa Nueva
La Carta De Iraq
El Dia De Tu Boda
Yo Y La Botella
Mi Ultimo Deseo
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