Rancho Alegre Interview - Crystal N Crew

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Crystal N Crew is one of the youngest groups in conjunto today. With all members under the age of 17, the family band from Pasadena includes Crystal Garcia on bajo sexto, Jose Garcia on accordion, and Lily Garcia on drums. They’ve had a couple of bass players, including Anthony Diaz (included in this interview) and current bassist Isaiah Tellez.

Back in November, on one of our road trips, we stopped by the Garcia home to get to know the group and their family. We found that they not only have youth, but they also have heart and passion for the music. Crystal is a songwriter, and all the kids know who Ruben Naranjo was. Pretty impressive, considering other kids their age only know Justin Bieber or Bruno Mars.


Conjunto is hot, and there are a lot of young groups with great energy bringing life to the genre. Masters and legends are welcoming them with open arms and marveling at their skill and dedication. At this year’s Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival, we had several extremely talented young conjuntos including Los Morales Boyz, Los Conjunto Kidz, Randy Garcia y Conjunto Estrella, and of course Crystal N Crew. In what we consider a historic moment, Crystal N Crew were joined onstage by Pico Ramirez, longtime bajo sexto player and second voice and original member of Ruben Naranjo y Los Gamblers.

We hope you enjoy getting to know just a few of the faces of the bright future of Conjunto.

Track Listing: 
Te Voy A Amar
La Punta Polka
Te Ira Mejor Sin Mi
Libro Abierto
Llegaste Tu
Nunca Te Olvidare (Unreleased exclusive track)
Todo Para Mi
Voy Olvidarme De Ti
Ruben Naranjo Tribute
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