Interview with Tomas Vasquez

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Tomas VasquezJoin Rancho Alegre on KOOP Radio for a special interview with bajo sexto master Tomas Vasquez. We traveled down to the Rio Grande Valley last month and had a great time talking with Tomas about his life, his career with Freddie Gomez y Los Dinamicos and what he's been up to lately.

It's an honor for us to broadcast his story, in his own words and voice, along with rare and classic recordings, on FM radio in Austin.

Please note: This interview is almost entirely in Spanish, and we will try to have a transcript available and post online as soon as it is available here on 

Also, this is the audio interview only. Songs played during the show: 

1. (Bedding music) - Deep Purple - "Smoke on the Water"
2. Freddie Gomez y Los Dinamicos - "La Viuda Rica"
3. (Bedding Music) - Boston - "More than a Feeling"
4. (Bedding music) - Ace Frehley - "New York Groove"
5. (Bedding music) - Rolling Stones - "Roadrunner"
6. Ended with "La Viuda Rica" again.

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