Please allow us to give an extra special shout out to all the businesses and individuals who have supported us this year. You name it, and they have helped us raise funds before the event, donated time, spread the word, etc. But most importantly, they have really shown the spirit of community that makes Conjunto music so special. If you see them, thank them for their help. Send them some business, if you can!


[12/7] Austin Vida Preview: Los A-T Boyz with Cinco Doce at Texas Club Bar and Grill

Saturday December 7 will be another hot one at the Texas Club Bar and Grill. Austin powerhouses Cinco Doce and Los A-T Boyz will heat things up at the southeast Austin Tejano nightspot with hot cumbias, spicy charangas and much more.

Implacable Explodes with Acrobatic Accordion and Vocal Fireworks

Sunny Sauceda was one of Rancho Alegre Radio’s very first interviews back in 2011. He and his über-talented band, Todo Eso, made time for us after a gig at Cuauhtemoc Hall in San Marcos, and we were taken by his charisma, knowledge, and openness. Among other things, we talked about his career, the benefit of being punctual, and winning the 2005 Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album for Polkas, Gritos y Acordeones, his collaboration with accordion legends David Lee Garza and Joel Guzman.

Fans and fellow musicians remember Conjunto legend, El Si Señor Ruben Naranjo. Featuring the voices of 75 different Conjunto and Tejano artists, collected through interviews from 2011 to 2013. 


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