Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival Artist Spotlight: Gilberto "Chore" Perez Jr.

Gilberto Chore Perez JrGilberto "Chore" Perez Jr. is a native of the Rio Grande Valley. Perez is the namesake of one of the most respected accordionists in la onda, Gilberto Perez Sr. As Chore was growing up, he didn't really get to know his father too well as Gilberto Sr. was actively touring during those years. Time with family is a sacrifice many musicians make in order to bring home income to sustain the household. Chore found out how great his father was though through his fans that would speak so highly of him. 

Despite his father being on the road alot, Chore was still bitten by the music bug. He first picked up the guitar at 8 years old. The first chord he ever learned was the C chord. By the age of 12, Chore was already playing in local bands. A self-described shy kid, Chore was initially secretive about his music and would try to hide his playing from his father. Eventually, Gilberto Sr. became aware and was supportive of his son. At the age of 14, Chore joined his father on the road and has been with Gilberto Perez y sus Compadres ever since.

As a second generation conjunto musician, Chore feels no pressure to live up to his father's legacy. In fact, he is very honored to be his father's son. Chore realizes that he has big shoes to fill, but finds comfort in knowing that music is in his blood. 

Chore listens to a little of everything. He is especially fond of hard rock. He'll mellow out to jazz, take in the sounds of Muddy Waters, and finds inspiration in The Beatles. Chore's main musical influence though remains deeply rooted at home as he credits that title to Gilberto Sr. By the same token, Chore credits Ramón Medina, a family friend, and his uncle, Alejandro Perez, for influencing his songwriting style. Gilberto Perez Jr y Su Conjunto are currently working on a new album.

Gilberto Chore Perez Jr. y su Conjunto will be performing Sunday, May 7th at Stubb's Austin! Be there!

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