Uncommon Valor: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Vietnamese Solo / Main Title -James Horner
  2. Airport -James Horner
  3. Tag -James Horner
  4. A Lot of Us Have Been Killed -James Horner
  5. Steal The Sucker -James Horner
  6. First Trek / Yellow Rain -James Horner
  7. Pan Over Hill / Walks In Tunnel -James Horner
  8. Attack Airbase -James Horner
  9. Escape Airbase -James Horner
  10. Choppers Over Hill -James Horner
  11. Final Escape -James Horner
  12. End Credits -James Horner
  13. Brothers In The Night -Ray Kennedy
  14. Main Title Extension -James Horner
  15. Parade Ground -James Horner
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