Once Were Warriors: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
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Album Tracks: 
  1. Karanga -The Karanga Tribe
  2. Once Were Warriors -Tama Renata
  3. So Much Soul -Gifted & Brown
  4. Sunrise Flutes -McNabb & H. Melbourne Murray Grindlay Murray
  5. What's The Time Mr. Wolf -Southside of Bombay
  6. Grace In The Alley -Murray Grindlay & Murray McNabb
  7. Home Grown -Herbs
  8. Grace Visiting Toot -Murray Grindlay & Murray McNabb
  9. Rua Kenana -Survival
  10. Paatere -H. Melbourne
  11. Tahi (Roots Mix) -Moana & The Moa Hunters
  12. Screaming Flutes /(Haka) -Murray Grindlay Murray McNabb & H. Melbourne
  13. U Know (I Like It) -Merenia
  14. Radio Thief -Murray Grindlay & Murray McNabb
  15. Gang Car -Murray Grindlay & Murray McNabb
  16. Ragga Girl -The Upper Hutt Posse
  17. Gim'me Time -Ardijah
  18. Here Is My Heart -Jake & Beth
  19. Whakamutungia Tenei Mahi -E Tu
  20. Bully Gets His -Murray Grindlay Murray McNabb & Tama Renata
  21. Theme From Once Were Warriors -Tama Renata
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