Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Various Artists
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Album Tracks: 
  1. Theme From Killer Klowns From Outer Space -The Dickies
  2. Hidden Klown Ship -John Massari
  3. Mike and Debbie's Discovery -John Massari
  4. Galactic Globe Theatre -John Massari
  5. Knock My Block Off -John Massari
  6. Muscle Kar Klown Jam -John Massari
  7. Shadow Show -John Massari
  8. The Inevitable -John Massari
  9. Klown Hideout -John Massari
  10. Killer Klown March -John Massari
  11. Fun House -John Massari
  12. Klownfrontation -John Massari
  13. Escape From Klown Kathedral -John Massari
  14. Final Klownfrontation -John Massari
  15. Knock My Block Off (Dream Re-Mix) -John Massari
  16. Escape To Klown Kathedral (Theater Organ) -John Massari
  17. Hidden Klown Ship (Sampled Orchestra) -John Massari
  18. Mike and Debbie's Discovery (Sampled Orchestra) -John Massari
  19. Sketch For Sampled String Orchestra -John Massari
  20. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Original Demo) -John Massari
  21. Tell Me What Is Real -John Massari
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