Just One of The Guys: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Just One of The Guys -Shalamar
  2. Girls Got Something Boys Ain't Got -Midnight Star
  3. Tonight You're Mine Baby -Ronnie Spector
  4. Prove It To You -Dwight Twilley
  5. Jealous -Berlin
  6. Way Down -Billy Burnette
  7. Burning -Brock & Davis
  8. Thrills -Greg French
  9. Hard Way -Brock & Davis
  10. Guy Talk -Tom Scott
  11. Trouble -Lindsey Buckingham
  12. Down The Street -The Stooges
  13. Turn Out Right -Private Domain
  14. Comb My Hair (Live) - Johnny G Lyon Band
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