Freaks and Geeks: NBC Television Series Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Bad Reputation -Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  2. Geek Hallway -Michael Andrews
  3. Poor Poor Pitiful Me -Warren Zevon
  4. Lindsay’s Theme -Michael Andrews
  5. Gettin’ High -Michael Andrews
  6. Look Sharp -Joe Jackson
  7. Clem's Theme -Michael Andrews
  8. No Language In Our Lungs -XTC
  9. Lindsay Disturbed Theme -Michael Andrews
  10. Bill Gets Funky (a.k.a. Spacefunk) -Paul Feig
  11. USA Rock -Michael Andrews
  12. The Spirit of Radio -Rush
  13. Daniel’s Theme -Michael Andrews
  14. The One -The Who
  15. Porno Music -Michael Andrews
  16. Neal’s Lament -Michael Andrews
  17. The Groove Line -Heatwave
  18. Ken’s Ode To Joy -Michael Andrews
  19. Come Sail Away -Styx
  20. End Title Theme -Michael Andrews
  21. Lady L -Jason Segel
  22. I’m Eighteen -Dave "Gruber" Allen
  23. Jesus Is Just Alright -Jason Segel Featuring: Sarah Hagan
  24. Up on Cripple Creek -Dave "Gruber" Allen
  25. Dumb as a Crayon -The Leaving Trains
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