Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. Love Missile F1-11 -Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  2. Oh Teah -Yello
  3. Beat City -The Flowerpot Me
  4. B.A.D. -Big Audio Dynamite
  5. Please Please Please Let me Get What I Want -The Dream Academy
  6. Danke Schoen -Wayne Newton
  7. Radio People -Zapp
  8. I'm Afraid -Blue Room
  9. The Edge of Forever -The Dream Academy
  10. Ferris In Bed
  11. Cameron In Bed/ Ferris Goes Hawaiian
  12. I'll Go
  13. Nurse
  14. Ferris on Line 2
  15. Bueller Ferris Bueller
  16. Man Checks Ferris
  17. Jeanie Turns Ugly
  18. Rooney on Patrol
  19. Save It Ferris
  20. Rooney Sneaks Around/ Star Wars
  21. Going To Take a Stand
  22. Cameron Takes The Heat
  23. Oh Shauna Jeanie
  24. He's Gonna Marry Me
  25. Dog Food Rooney/ Ferris Goes To Bed
  26. Mom Dad and Ferris
  27. Ferris on Line 2 Pt. II
  28. Theme From Star Trek
  29. Cameron Takes The Heat Pt.II
  30. Coughlin Brothers Mortuary
  31. Celebrated Minuet
  32. Ballpark Baloney
  33. Polka Medley (Wildfire Polka / Vienna Penny Polka)
  34. I'm Afraid (instrumental film version)
  35. Twist and Shout (Marching Band Overlay)

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