The Color Purple: Motion Picture Soundtrack

Quincy Jones
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. CD 1:
  2. Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) (Overture)
  3. The Color Purple
  4. Celie Leaves With Mr. Albert
  5. Corrine and Olivia
  6. Nettie Teaches Celie
  7. The Separation
  8. Celie and Harpo Grow Up (Mr. Albert Dresses To See Shug)
  9. Careless Love
  10. Sophia Leaves Harpo
  11. Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast
  12. Junk Bucket Blues
  13. The Dirty Dozens
  14. Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)
  15. Don't Make Me No Never Mind
  16. My Heart (Will Always Lead Me Back To You)
  17. Three on The Road
  18. Bus Pulls Out
  19. CD 2:
  20. The First Letter
  21. Letter Search
  22. Nettie's Letters
  23. High Life (Proud Theme)
  24. J.B. King
  25. Heaven Belongs To You
  26. Katutoka Corrine
  27. Celie Shaves Mr. Albert (Scarification Ceremony)
  28. I'm Here
  29. Champagne Train
  30. Celie's New House (Body and Soul)
  31. Maybe God Is Tryin' To Tell You Somethin'
  32. Reunion (Finale)
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