Platinum Collection

Eddie Rabbitt
Not For Sale
Album Tracks: 
  1. I Love a Rainy Night
  2. Drinkinâ' My Baby (Off My Mind)
  3. Kentucky Rain
  4. Rocky Mountain Music
  5. Two Dollars In The Jukebox
  6. I Can't Help Myself
  7. Hearts on Fire
  8. You Don't Love Me Anymore
  9. I Just Want To Love You
  10. Every Which Way But Loose
  11. Suspicions
  12. Pour Me Another Tequila
  13. Drivinâ' My Life Away
  14. Nothing Like Falling In Love
  15. Is There a Country Song on The Jukebox
  16. Song of Ireland
  17. I Can't Get This Ring off My Finger
  18. Could You Love a Poor Boy Dolly
  19. Pure Love
  20. Amazing Love
  21. We Can't Go on Living Like This
  22. Plain As the Pain on My Face

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