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Rancho Alegre News: Ruben, Guti and Alfonso at the Flamingo on Xmas – Para La Gente’s Still on the Air – New Blog Posts and Additions – Gift of Music

Happy Wednesday before Christmas from Rancho Alegre! There’s lots of stuff to talk about before the holiday, so let’s jump right in…

Saturday night at the Flamingo – Ruben, Alfonso and Augustin!

Rancho Alegre News – New Additions and Shows This Week

Hello everyone,

Hopefully some of you or most of you were able to get out to see Ricky Naranjo y Los Gamblers or Grupo Stampede or Little Joe this weekend. Rancho Alegre was at Little Joe, but if any of you made it to either of the other shows, we’re curious as to how they went. So, please comment, if you’re so inclined…

New Additions


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