We're back!

Greetings everyone!

We’re back and have restored our website, as you can tell. We’ve been thinking about the direction of Rancho Alegre over the past week and have reevaluated our strategy. Until Frank gets healthy, we won’t be promoting our own shows.

Instead, we will be concentrating on producing all of the interviews that we have conducted and currently have “in the can,” as well as upgrading our website and playlist.

Our phenomenal interview with Mingo Saldivar should be released soon. We want to make sure we get it just right.

We are hoping that Frank will be well enough and will be back full-force in December or January. Thanks again for all the support, messages, and phone calls. It’s good to know that people value what we do. Please stay tuned as we have some really exciting stuff coming your way!

I will be reposting our interviews with Conjunto Romo and Chano Cadena tomorrow.

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