Show your support for Rancho Alegre during September Membership Drive

KOOP just began the fall Membership drive, and we have a special request:

Since we're new to the schedule and this is our first membership drive, we would LOVE to start out with a bang! We want to show the KOOP community not only how dedicated and supportive our listeners are but also how dedicated TEJANO and CONJUNTO FANS are!

This is a GREAT time to ask yourself how much it is worth to you to hear Tejano and Conjunto on FM in Austin again. Or how much is it worth to you to hear music you literally won't hear on another program anywhere, on traditional or internet radio? $5 a month ($60/year)? $10 a month ($120/year)? 

You can give online at or you can call us tomorrow during the show. 512-472-KOOP or 1-888-917-KOOP.

THANK YOU for the continued support!


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