Rancho Alegre Spotlight: Tortilla Factory 1973 and 1974

We here at Rancho Alegre were saddened to hear of the passing of Tony “Ham” Guerrero, leader and founding member of the legendary Tortilla Factory. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Guerrero family, and we express our deepest condolences. Ham influenced countless musicians over the years, and he will be greatly missed, but his legacy will live on.

The Tribute concert scheduled for this afternoon at H&H Ballroom will continue as planned. The lineup includes a who’s who of Tejano performers, so if you have the opportunity this afternoon, please drop by. You won’t regret it.

In tribute, we have posted several classic recordings from their 1973 and 1974 albums to our YouTube page as well as on our playlist. Normally we would do some kind of critical review here, pointing out the nearly endless cool things about each recording and why we enjoy them. But, the innovative use of horns and rhythm kind of speaks for itself.

Rest in peace, Ham.

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