Rancho Alegre Radio – New Music This Week!

Greetings Rancho Alegre fans!

Frank’s on the mend and we’ve added a few tracks this week! We’ve added more than a few live tracks that you won’t hear anywhere else from Ricky and Ruben Naranjo, Los Nobles and more. So let’s get to it!!I’ve shuffled all the other new releases around the playlist, so these new tracks are toward the top.

Ricky Naranjo y Los Gamblers -
Live Popurri – A. Preso Sin Delito, B. Angel de Mis Anhelos, C. Nora Melisa
Live Popurri – A. El Corrido de Jimmy Layton, B. Anillo Grabado

Ruben Naranjo y Los Gamblers – Una Calandria y Un Pajarito (Live)

Los Nobles – Alla En Mi Rancho Alegre (Live)

Doug Sahm & Augie Meyers – Ya No Llores (Live)

Hometown Boys – Live Popurri – A. Aquel Amor, B. Hay Unos Ojos, C. El Pintor

Conjunto Inizzio – Descalzo a Laredo, Frijolitos Pintos

Grupo Rescate – Solo Dejame Ser

We continue to work on the site and on the playlist, as well as some pretty darn exciting projects and thought provoking blog posts, so please stay tuned. Again, if you like what you hear, please join us on Facebook. We’re also on Twitter, which we are trying to figure out.

And please tell anyone who will listen about this new blood and new approach to the music and the industry.


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