Rancho Alegre News: Ruben, Guti and Alfonso at the Flamingo on Xmas – Para La Gente’s Still on the Air – New Blog Posts and Additions – Gift of Music

Happy Wednesday before Christmas from Rancho Alegre! There’s lots of stuff to talk about before the holiday, so let’s jump right in…

Saturday night at the Flamingo – Ruben, Alfonso and Augustin!

What do you get the Tejano fan who has everything? How about tickets to see Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution with special guests Augustin Ramirez and Alfonso Ramos? The three Tejano legends (and Rancho Alegre favorites) will be partying it up down at the Flamingo on Saturday night. All three of these guys have made the Rancho Alegre Radio playlist, and continue to delight every crowd they play for. Pre-sale tickets are $20 at Estradas.

Para La Gente’s Still on the Air!
We’ve gotten a few questions about whether Para La Gente’s still around. The answer is, yes they are, and they can be found at 1560 AM. Apparently there were some issues with the FM translator, but everything’s still business as usual on the AM dial.

New Blog Posts – Rancho Alegre’s Goal and She’s About a Mover
Man, we went deep with these two posts! Frank looked deep within the soul of Rancho Alegre, and speaks hopefully of our ultimate goal of having a Conjunto festival in Waterloo Park. And I went bananas over Ruben Naranjo’s cover of the Sir Douglas Quintet classic She’s About a Mover. 

New Additions to Rancho Alegre Radio

We mentioned at Thanksgiving that Rancho Alegre Radio is  a great thing to have on when the family’s over. The same thing holds true at Christmas. But one of the best things about Rancho Alegre Radio? There’s only one Christmas song, and it’s the first song on the list. Now, we know some people love it. But there are others who just need a break this time of year. And why not take a break with us?

That said…here are the new additions to the playlist. I’ve started adding them toward the top now, so they’re easier to find. Then with the next round, I’ll pepper them around on the playlist. Enjoy!

Joel Nava – Para Que and Ya Me Ando Preparando
Dueto Frontera – Me Dicen El Parrandero
Carlos Guzman – Corazon Corazoncito
Bobby Butler “El Charro Negro” – El Papalote and Amor Sin Medida
Big Lu y Los Muchachos – A Poco No and Muchachita
Tortilla Factory – La Bicicleta
David Marez – Fijate and Eclipse Total
Tierra Tejana – Cartas Marcadas

Gift Ideas!
Remember to give the gift of music…Visit Thomas at Turntable Records or Janie’s in San Antonio for some great Conjunto and Tejano albums for the music fan in your life. Music makes the world go round…

–La Guera

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