Rancho Alegre News – Los Texas Wranglers Win at the Austin Music Awards!

Rancho Alegre would like to congratulate Los Texas Wranglers for their recent wins at the 2011 Austin Music Awards!

The group took home the award for Best Latin Traditional Band for the 4th consecutive year, Julian Fernandez was honored as Best Drummer for the 2nd year in a row, and accordion master Sonny Trujillo was recognized for his work in the Miscellaneous Instruments category!

Los Texas Wranglers are a hard-working Conjunto based in Austin, made up of Julian Fernandez (Drums), Amador Berber Salazar (Electric Bass and Lead Vocals), Sonny Trujillo (Accordion and Vocals), Timoteo Torres (Alto Sax and Vocals), Epifaño Sandoval Jr. (Acoustic Bajo Sexto and Vocals), and Joyce Adams (Vocals).

Live at the Austin Sports Tavern, at 2200 S. I-35, next to the Clarion Inn. They’re playing every Sunday night in March, starting at 9 pm!

For More Information
Check out the Wranglers’ website, iconjunto.com, and you can also learn more about them on Tejano-Conjuntopedia, which includes a complete discography as well.

Rancho Alegre Radio also features several of their tracks, as does the Conjunto edition on Conjunto Is Life, the social network for people who love Conjunto.

Once again, congratulations guys!! Keep up the great work and thank you for helping to keep Conjunto alive in Austin!

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