Project Battlecat Complete: Welcome to the new Rancho Alegre Radio website!

New Rancho Alegre Radio Playlist


Welcome to our new website, also known as Project Battlecat. You will find the same great content here that we had on the old site, with some pretty significant improvements. We have made the site easier to navigate, information easier to find, and have also made it mobile-friendly.

The biggest improvement is our famous playlist. We still have over 1700 tracks of Conjunto and Tejano music that you won't hear anywhere else, but we have made it to where you can narrow down by genre and search the playlist as well. And you can listen on most smart phones. 

As you know, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting Tejano and Conjunto music to anyone who will listen, and our website is at the core of what we do. It has grown from a basic website advertising our DJ services to an online media outlet like none other. 

We're not stopping here, of course. We just don't know when to quit. More amazing stuff is on the horizon, and you'll find it all here on this powerful new site.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome. Please let us know what you think

Thanks for all your support, 
Piper, Frank, and Gaby
Rancho Alegre Radio

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