Playlists for Rancho Alegre on KOOP

Rancho Alegre LIVE on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM in Austin every Monday 9-10 AMHowdy! We are LOVING our Monday mornings on KOOP 91.7 FM here in Austin, and we thank all of you for tuning in and telling your friends. We post each song as we play it on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but if you're curious about what we play, we post our playlists by the end of the day on

In the past three weeks, our playlists have been all over the board and we intend to keep it that way. Every week, we go deep into our catalog to bring you Tejano and Conjunto music you just won't hear anywhere else. You'll hear new music, classics, rare gems, and more from a wide variety of artists from all over Texas and beyond. 

We've heard from many of you and sincerely appreciate the comments and support. We've heard that the hour goes too fast, that one hour isn't enough, that the music gets people motivated and ready for the week, and one of our favorites: "Is it Monday yet??"

One question we keep getting is whether we can post an archived version of the show. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do that because of KOOP's FCC license limitations. 

Here's the link to our past playlists. Thanks again, and we'll see you on the radio every Monday morning. 91.7 FM in Austin, online at, TuneIn Radio at KOOP 91.7!

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