Rancho Alegre Interview - Mingo Saldivar


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What can you say about Mingo Saldivar? Dubbed “The Dancing Cowboy” because of his inimitable, engaging, passionate  performance style, Mingo has been entertaining audiences all over the world (including Africa!) for over 50 years.

Most recently, he was recognized by with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tejano Music Awards, just one of the many accolades and honors he has received over an amazing career.

We met up with him at his home in San Antonio, along with his daughter (and manager) Tricia Saldivar. We talked about his life, his career, “Cantina Music,” country music, how hard he is on his accordions, and much, much more.

As always with this friendly, gracious man, it was a great conversation. So much so, we have separated our interview into two one-hour parts.

Track Listing: 
  1. Sin Condiciones
  2. Linda Twist - Los Guadalupanos
  3. Andan Diciendo
  4. Lo Que Dios Recoje
  5. Me Agarraste Borracho
  6. Te Voy A Comprar
  7. Rueda De Fuego
  8. Perla Del Mar - Los Guadalupanos
  9. Mil Cadenas
  10. Por Que No Me Comprendes (with Little Joe)
  11. Pajaro Negro
  12. Regresa Ya
  13. Frenta A Una Virgen
  14. Calabacita Con Pollo
  15. Swinging Doors
  16. Cardenal

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