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The “King of the Brown Sound” is a fitting nickname for Little Joe Hernandez. The music he has played over his storied career has blended together everything from mariachi, orquesta, conjunto, country, doo-wop, Sinatra-style standards, jazz, rock, salsa, and whatever else sounds and feels right, creating a sound that has resonated with Chicanos for over 50 years.

Coming from humble beginnings in the cotton fields of Temple, Texas, Little Joe has seen it all. Famous for collaborations and duets, the Grammy winner has worked with everyone from Conjunto pioneer Valerio Longoria to longtime Tejano friends Ruben Ramos and Roberto Pulido to Country legend Willie Nelson to parody master extraordinaire Weird Al Yankovic.

We made a special trip to his museum in Temple to talk with the man himself. Surrounded by photos and memorabilia, we talked about his life and career, even some politics. There’s a lot of insight, a lot of philosophy, and some good laughs too.

It’s so good that we broke it up into three parts…enjoy!

(note: we included his Schlitz Beer commercial for historical purposes only)

Track Listing: 
  1. Al Cortar Una Gardenia – with La Familia
  2. Indita Mia – with the Latinaires
  3. Que Lastima – with Johnny & Rocky Hernandez and La Familia
  4. Una Mujer De Este Pueblo – with Johnny and La Familia
  5. Luchare – Los Carnales de Little Joe
  6. Take Me To Jail – Little Joe
  7. Ramona – Rocky Hernandez with Little Joe
  8. Por Una Mujer Casada (Live) – with La Familia
  9. Pajarillo Barraqueño – with La Familia
  10. Que Paso La Ultima Vez – with Mariachi Companas de America
  11. Las Nubes – with La Familia
  12. Borrachera – with La Familia
  13. Mira Juanita – with La Familia
  14. Prieta Linda – with La Familia
  15. Devolucion – with La Familia
  16. Noche De Amores – with Valerio Longoria
  17. Our Last Night – with Donna Fargo and Johnny Rodriguez
  18. Amor, Amor – with Willie Nelson
  19. Recuerdos Querido Amigo – with Gilberto Perez
  20. Ojala – with David Lee Garza
  21. Cartas Marcadas – as Los Tres Amigos w/Ruben Ramos and Roberto Pulido
  22. Serenata Huasteca – Los Tres Amigos
  23. Flor Del Rio – with La Familia
  24. Only You – with La Familia
  25. La Unica Estrella – with La Familia
  26. Ojitos Verdes
  27. Por Un Amor
  28. Tome Schlitz
  29. Las Nubes – with Los Palominos

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