Rancho Alegre Interview - Jesse y Beto Duran y Los Aguilillas


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Back in the 80s, Jesse y Beto Duran y Los Aguilillas had a massive hit with El Soltero Apasionado, a waltz that took them all over Texas and was frequently requested (and graciously played) multiple times per show. With various rhythm sections, Jesse and Beto played together for 45 years before retiring 7 years ago due to health issues.

With Beto on bajo sexto and first voice, and Jesse on accordion and second voice, their smooth harmonic sound is reminiscent of Ramon Ayala. And to be perfectly honest, Soltero is probably one of the better drinking songs I’ve heard in while. Put it on repeat, open a Bud Light and dale shine!

We were lucky enough to catch their first serious rehearsal in 7 years last weekend, and they still sounded fantastic. They will be playing their very special final farewell performance at the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival here in Austin on Saturday February 4th! Don’t miss it.

Track Listing: 
  1. Guerita Linda
  2. Vino Maldito
  3. Los Mandados
  4. Mi Dia De Suerte
  5. Albur Perdido
  6. Angel
  7. Canto A Mi Madre
  8. Los Recuerdos De Mi Padre
  9. El Soltero Apasionado
  10. El Cielo Nublado
  11. El Mundo Es Mio
  12. Mujer Paseada
  13. El Pajaro Negro
  14. Espejo De Cantina

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