Rancho Alegre Interview - Chano Cadena


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Chano Cadena is a Texas music legend, pure and simple. Recognized for his longevity and technical skill, he is admired by fans and colleagues alike. A hall of famer several times over, he has played and toured with all of the legends, even a very young Ruben Naranjo back in the early 1960s.

Chano was the first interview on our famous tour of the valley in October 2011. As he welcomed us to his home in Robstown, he gave us the tour of all his awards and framed newspaper articles celebrating his amazing career. He pointed to one trophy in particular, a 4-foot tall award given to him by the Senior Citizens of Concepción, Texas, honoring his 50th year in music.

When we were lining up talent for the Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival in February 2012, Chano was one of the first people we called. We also arranged an in-store performance at Antone’s Record Shop, where he delighted a crowd of music lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

Now in his 58th year in music, Chano is still at it. Still playing VFW halls, weddings, quinceañeras, festivals and other events. It is our pleasure for us to bring you an interview with one of the architects himself.

Track Listing: 
  1. Arrancame El Corazon (Conjunto Cadena)
  2. En Las Puertas De La Carcel (Conjunto Cadena)
  3. Cuatro O Cinco Farolasos (Conjunto Cadena)
  4. No Tienes Perdon (Conjunto Cadena)
  5. Te Voy A Comprar (Conjunto Cadena)
  6. Y Tenia Chiquito El Pie
  7. Las Noches Las Hagos Dias
  8. El Gambler
  9. Huapango Cadena (Live)
  10. De Que Es Tu Corazon
  11. El Cumbianchero
  12. Te Quiero Mucho
  13. Indita Mia
  14. Alma Rendida
  15. Pan De Polvo
  16. Gaviota Traidora
  17. El Tamborazo
  18. Corrido de Oliveira
  19. Mi Casa Nueva
  20. A Pesar de Tu Engaño
  21. Contrabando De El Paso
  22. Volveras Por Mi
  23. Una Palomita
  24. Noche De Cumbia
  25. Tragos Amargos
  26. La Pronto y Quick
  27. Popurri De Clasicos (Live)

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